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The Jackrabbit, wildlife in the Mojave Desert. ... Black-tailed Jackrabbit ... Jackrabbits may live up to eight years in the wild but, like many other animals, they ...

Black-lipped pika Animal; Volcano rabbit Animal; Eastern cottontail Animal; European rabbit Animal . This Black-tailed jackrabbit Animal lean, long-legged hare’s huge ears (up to 15cm/6 in) detect the faint sounds of predators, and also rid the body of excess warmth in the hot summers of its generally arid habitat. It prefers succulent grass ... ADW: Lepus californicus: INFORMATION - Black-tailed jackrabbits measure 47-63 cm from nose to rump, the tail is between 50-112 mm and the ears are 10-13 cm long. As they are true hares, black-tailed jackrabbits are lankier and leaner than rabbits, have longer ears and legs, and the leverets are born fully-furred and open-eyed. Black-tailed Jackrabbit- Lepus californicus - NatureWorks The black-tailed jackrabbit has long ears with black tips and very long front and rear legs. It is about 18-24 inches long and weighs four to eight pounds. It has peppery brown fur and a black stripe that runs down its back. The black-tailed jackrabbit is not really a rabbit, it is a hare because its young are born with fur and with their eyes ...

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The black-tailed jackrabbit (Lepus californicus) is found throughout the western ... but they have poor endurance and often end up as some animal's dinner. Black-Tailed Jackrabbit – Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

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The black-tailed jackrabbit, also known as the desert hare, is found in the western U.S. and Mexico, and is a mainly solitary animal.They are still considered game animals. Black-tailed jackrabbits and antelope jackrabbits are commonly hunted for sport or...

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